About Us

Bravitek Solutions Private Limited was incorporated on October 24, 2016.

Bravitek develops products based on cutting edge technology for defence and other industries.

Bravitek has already designed, developed and delivered Battery Monitoring System (BMS) for submarines. Bravitek’s BMS is India’s first indigenously designed, developed and manufactured system, thus offering self-reliance and reduced costs as direct benefits.

Bravitek is developing several other monitoring and control systems for ships and submarines. Besides monitoring and control systems, Bravitek also develops real-time simulators of these systems and processes controlled by these systems for training of operators.

Bravitek plans to develop electronic fuses for defense and other industries.

Our Vision

Bravitek’s vision is to be the leader in indigenizing cutting-edge technology products and indigenously developing cutting-edge technology products for domestic applications.

Our Mission

Bravitek’s main mission is to fully indigenize at least 25 cutting-edge technology products under Government of India’s Make In India (Make II) initiative by 2025. Bravitek’s supplementary vision is to indigenously develop at least 25 other cutting-edge technology products for domestic applications.

Our Values

Bravitek’s core values are compassionate teamwork, unparalleled passion and unbounded creativity.