Bravitek’s Battery Monitoring Sensors (BMTx) are designed for continuous, real-time monitoring of all critical parameters i.e. cell voltage, electrolyte temperature and electrolyte level of lead-acid batteries. Bravitek’s BMTx's continuously measure all these parameters at predefined interval of 30 seconds. BMTx's also have visual LEDs for indicating normal and warning levels of cell voltages, electrolyte temperatures and electrolyte levels. BMTx's can be connected in a multi-drop, RS-485 network to interface with any Battery Monitoring System. Bravitek’s BMTx's are designed for rugged, military environment.

Note: Bravitek has designed and developed BMTx's. The intellectual property rights of BMTx's are owned by Precision Power Products (I) Private Limited.


  • Voltage, temperature and level monitoring of up to 528 lead-acid batteries

  • Voltage measurement from 1.5 to 3.0 VDC (0.001 VDC resolution, +/- 0.002 VDC accuracy)

  • Temperature measurement from 0 to 100 C (0.1° C resolution, +/- 1° C accuracy)

  • Level measurement from -25 mm to 25 mm (1 mm resolution, +/- 5 mm accuracy)

  • Military grade, EMI/EMC compliant hardware