Bravitek’s Steam Cycle Simulator (SCS) simulates steam cycle used in ships and submarines for training of boiler and turbine operators. Bravitek’s SCS simulates all important elements of a steam cycles such as boiler with superheated and saturated steam output, turbine with forward and backward movement, condensers, feed tank for water, water, fuel and extraction pumps, blowers for air and all intermediate valves. The SCS runs in real-time on Linux and allows boiler and turbine operators to control various valves to control steam pressure and turbine speed. The SCS also implements automatic boiler control involving fuel pump and water pump based on software PID controller to maintain boiler water level for all steam pressures. Bravitek’s SCS is useful for training of boiler and turbine operators.


  • Real-time software simulation of superheated and saturated steam cycles
  • Real-time process mimic comprising boiler, turbine, condensers, tanks, pumps and valves
  • Automatic boiler level control with fuel and pump control using software PID controller
  • Interactive control for opening and closing of valves
  • Implemented using C++ and Qt on Linux